31 Oct 2015

Reformation: Ein' Feste Burg

Two years from today will mark the half-millennium of Luther's act of nailing his ninety-five theses to the door of the Schloßkirche in Wittenberg, beginning the Reformation. To mark the 498th anniversary of this world-changing event, I have recorded my own arrangement of the Reformer's celebrated metrical paraphrase of Psalm 46, Ein' Feste Burg:

28 Aug 2015

Psalm 23 from the Genevan Psalter

This is my own arrangement and performance of Genevan Psalm 23:

26 Aug 2015

Genfi Zsoltár 42

Few things are more pleasurable than hearing an Hungarian choir sing from the Genevan Psalter. This is Psalm 42:

20 Aug 2015

Des Psaumes en français

I have just discovered these wonderful solo performances of the Genevan Psalms in French. I am posting five of these, with more to come.

Check out the Cantiques.fr website and youtube channel. Its approach to psalmody can be found here. According to its website, cantiques.fr is devoted to enriching church music in the protestant tradition.

19 Aug 2015

'Not unto us': Psalm 115

Performed by the Ensemble Claude Goudimel:

Psaume 35: Goudimel

Claude Goudimel's arrangement of Psalm 135 is very nicely performed by La Capella Reial de Catalunya, directed by Jordi Savall. It begins at 1.06 below.

18 Aug 2015

Psaume 138, par beaucoup des compositeurs

Here is an exquisite performance of Genevan Psalm 138 by the Ensemble Sweelinck de Genève, with arrangements by various composers:

7 Aug 2015

Psalms 121 and 8

Here are two more recently posted choral performances of the Genevan Psalter by Hungarian choirs.

The first is Kodály's haunting arrangement of Genevan Psalm 121, beautifully performed by the Református Kántus of Debrecen:

The second is a stirring and somewhat dissonant arrangement of Psalm 8 composed by German-Hungarian composer Zsolt Gárdonyi: