23 Jun 2016

Psalm 9: Psałterz Poznański

Here is another entry in the Psałterz Poznański, which was just posted today: Psalm 9, set to the proper Genevan melody. A very nice arrangement.

19 Jun 2016

The Rev. Uri Brito gives us 10 Reason to Sing the Psalms. Reasons number six and ten:

Sixth, we should sing the Psalms because they re-shape us; they re-orient our attention. We are a people constantly being sanctified by the Spirit of God, and the Spirit has specifically inspired 150 psalms for our sanctification. How should we pray? How should we ask? How should we lament? The Psalms helps us to answer these questions, and thus shape us more and more after the image of Christ. . . .

Tenth, you should sing the Psalms because the world needs them. The world does not need a weak Gospel. She sees plenty of it already. She needs to hear a Gospel of a God who delights in praise, who will not allow evil to go unpunished, and who prepares a table for us.