28 Nov 2012

Update: The Psalm Project

Earlier this year I was privileged to hear The Psalm Project when they came to Redeemer during their North American tour. They have now released their third Dutch-language album, Ik roep tot U (I call to you). Here are excerpts:

We have reason to hope they'll release an English-language version of this album in the not too distant future.

An update to the update: I have been informed that an English album may follow in the spring of 2013 followed by another North American tour in September. Prachtig!

26 Nov 2012

Psalms 50 and 93

Our church is taking a breather from the pastor's sermon series on the Psalms, as we had a guest preacher yesterday. But Ernst Stolz continues his clockwork postings of the Psalms with the fiftieth:

And in honour of yesterday's celebration of the Sunday of Christ the King, we hear Psalm 93 as posted by the indomitable ijsselm (short perhaps for Ijsselmeer?).

21 Nov 2012

Psalm 49: You can't take it with you

Once again our pastor, Dr. Ervine, and Dutch musician Ernst Stolz appear to be co-ordinating their treatment of the Psalms. Ervine's sermon, You Can't Take it With You!, is based on Psalm 49. Once again, hours after it was preached, Stolz posted his own performance of the psalm:

14 Nov 2012

Then sings my Seoul: Psalm 104

The youtube user calling himself huang867 has posted a video of his congregation singing Genevan Psalm 104:

I myself have been working on and off on a versification of this psalm for a few years now. I have made it only as far as verse 15, although I have composed a harmonization for the melody. When I have finished a complete text, I will, of course, post it on my website.

Psalm 48: the city of our God

Ernst Stolz and Central Presbyterian Church in Hamilton seem to be making their way through the Psalms at exactly the same pace. Our pastor, Dr. Clyde Ervine, preached on Psalm 48: The Holy City. Hours later, Stolz posted his performance of the Genevan tune for that same psalm:

9 Nov 2012

The Psalm Project: Psalm 67

The Psalm Project has posted another performance, this time of Psalm 67, a harvest psalm appropriate to this time of year. Although they do sing in English, this one is in the Dutch language.

8 Nov 2012

Stolz: Psalm 47

Stolz's postings of the Psalms continue with Psalm 47. This is one of my favourite of the Genevan melodies.

Although this is a lovely rendition, it seems to me that this psalm needs to be performed or sung at a brisker and more energetic pace, given its subject matter. I rather like this enthusiastic performance below:

Coincidentally, Psalm 47 was the Old Testament reading at our church this past sunday. My wife was the lector, and the choir sang this wonderful rendition by Ralph Vaughan Williams, which was followed by an inspiring sermon by the Rev. Dr. Clyde Ervine. You had to be there.