27 Oct 2020

Two more psalter pages added

I have now posted a sample of my ongoing Genevan Psalter project, with a limited number of my own versified texts and some performances from my YouTube channel. This is a very incomplete version of my former website. In addition, I have posted an abbreviated version of my Niagara Psalter project, along with three YouTube performances. This largely completes my pages to accompany this blog, although I may later post my efforts to render in English the Psałterz Dawidów of Jan Kochanowski and Mikołaj Gomółka as well.

22 Oct 2020

Mazmur 25, Mazmur Jenewa

Shortly after I posted the photographs of the Indonesian Genevan Psalter this morning, someone alerted me to the video below:

Mazmur: Bahasa Indonesia

I would love to obtain a copy of this Indonesian metrical psalter. Note that the melody line is rendered in numbers, which are not difficult to figure out, rather than in conventional western musical notation. For those who love the Genevan Psalter, the tune for Psalm 89 will already be familiar.

This composite photograph was originally posted in 2018 by Frank Ezinga on Facebook.

19 Oct 2020

Another page added

I have now added a fourth page to my Genevan Psalter pages. This contains a LORD'S DAY LITURGY for Reformed Churches, slightly modified from my former website. From the introductory rubrics:

The following liturgy for the Lord's Day is adapted from the forms prescribed by the Synod of the Christian Reformed Church, and draws on a number of other sources, including the Book of Common Prayer and the Book of Alternative Services. This particular liturgy is intended to demonstrate the various uses of the Psalms, especially the Genevan Psalms, in the course of worship. In accordance with the wishes of John Calvin and the near universal practice of the church catholic in the first millennium, the ordinary weekly Lord's Day liturgy comprises both word and sacrament.

The versified Psalm texts are my own, as indicated at the bottom of the page.

12 Oct 2020

Genevan Psalter pages revised and restored

This is to let readers know that I have restored three pages from my former Genevan Psalter website, which can be found at the top of the right-hand column on this page. These include my introductory essay, bibliography, and selected annotated discography. I may add more pages, if I think it appropriate. What I have not brought back is my own project to set the Psalms to verse and to arrange their proper Genevan melodies.

5 Oct 2020

Gomółka - Nieście chwałę... Psalm 29

A performance of Psalm 29 from Kochanowski and Gomółka, Psałterz Dawidów, performed by Ars Nova, under the direction of Jacek Urbaniak, with Anna Mikołajczyk as soprano soloist.