26 Apr 2009

Genevan Psalter Resource Centre

Last month I was contacted by one Michael Owens, of Pennsylvania, who has set up a website called the Genevan Psalter Resource Centre, an encyclopaedic clearinghouse of information relevant to the 16th-century psalter, including various versifications of the texts and arrangements of the tunes. This is a significant resource worth taking a look at. At present he is adapting my own harmonizations of the melodies for SATB singing. I wish him the best as he continues this work.


Unknown said...

Question: One thing I am having the hardest time finding is the Genevan Psalter itself... ie in French.

Do you have a link?

David Koyzis said...

Check out my links page, where I have links to at least four websites with French language psalms. Here are the titles:

The Genevan Psalms in Italian and French

The Huguenot Psalter

Cent Cinqvante Pseavmes de David (Claude Goudimel)

Les Psaumes de David 1729 (Conrart-La Bastide)

Unknown said...

I can't find a links page.. whats the url?

David Koyzis said...

Sorry. It's here: http://genevanpsalter.redeemer.ca/biblio_discography.html.