12 Jun 2012

June updates

  • Russell Stutler is a Christian residing in Japan who loves the biblical psalter and has posted Three ways to sing the Psalms. Included is a nice survey of published psalters appropriate for personal use, even on public transportation. I myself have taken to reading through the Psalms on my Kobo Touch eReader, which holds huge amounts of information in a small, easily portable unit. Perfect for the bus ride.

  • Sarah Noll has come up with a way to sing prose Psalms that closely resembles Gelineau Psalmody. Check out her efforts at Prose Psalm Singing (NKJV) to a steady tempo.

  • Those interested in hearing all 150 Psalms sung in Hebrew would do well to look at this website: Ashkenazi/Sefardim Torah Leining/Reading MP3 Audio, hosted by Daf Yomi Review. All 150 files can be downloaded for personal listening. If you don't understand Hebrew, perhaps it's time to learn.
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