10 Jan 2013

Then sings my Seoul: Psalms 35 and 40

These are two quite lovely performances of the Psalms in Korean. For both Psalms 35 and 40 a soloist begins and is later joined by another singer in a duet. If I am correctly interpreting the text at 2:42 in the first Psalm, the Korean texts for the Genevan Psalms appear to be of recent vintage. I am grateful that "hwang867" has seen fit to use English captions for our benefit. I hope he will post more such performances in future.


Unknown said...

I was very surprised that these videos are introduced in here. (cause I'm hwang867 and I'm Jungwon Hwang form Korea)
Thank you for your concerning and it gives me a great confidence to upload more videos.
I pray for you that our Lord's grace be with.

David Koyzis said...

Jungwon Hwang:

Thank you so much for writing. I am pleased that the Genevan Psalms are being sung in Korean. Yes, please do upload more videos, especially those similar to the two I linked to here. May God bless you and the christian community in Korea.

하나님은 여러분과 한국의 기독교 지역 사회를 축복 할 수 있습니다.