18 Sept 2018

The Gettys: Psalm 130

Keith and Kristyn Getty are two contemporary hymn-writers who are having an impact on the liturgical life of the church around the world. It is difficult now to recall a time before In Christ Alone came into being at the start of the century. Here is their version of the De Profundis, Psalm 130, the product of a collaborative effort among Keith Getty, Jordan Kauflin, Matt Merker and Stuart Townend:

Incidentally, the tune at the beginning and end is the well-known common-metre melody, MARTYRDOM, while the text appears to be a reworking of that from the Scottish Psalter of 1650.


Baus said...

I just can't handle that kind of contemporary instrumentation and vocalization. It grates on my nerves like sappy Nashville pop country ballads. I wonder if I could stomach a good baritone-supplied congregationally-sung version acapella or with minimal accompaniment.

RM said...

The version of Psalm 130 used in the intro is from Sing Psalms, produced by the Free Church of Scotland ©2003. You can see a full version at https://freechurch.org/resources/praise/