6 Apr 2015

The New Genevan Psalter: addendum

The introductory material at the beginning of the New Genevan Psalter includes, among other things, suggested arrangements of the Psalms in the absence of harmonizations in this bound collection. These include Claude Goudimel's, Dick Sanderman's, George Stam's, Cor van Dijk's and Willem Hendrik Zwart's. Notably absent are Johannes Worp's 19th-century arrangements and Hendrik Hasper's mid-20th-century treatments of the Psalms. Personally, I am not especially fond of Worp's harmonizations, but, from the little I've heard of Hasper's, I find them quite compelling. I might also add my own efforts at arranging the Psalms on this website. Yes, I know they're quirky, but they might just aid congregations in worshipping the God who has revealed himself in the Person of his Son, whose resurrection we have just celebrated.


George van Popta said...

Hi David. Thanks for this extra note. I did not include references to Worp and Hasper since they are hard to come by. The ones I did include are all in print or available online. George

David Koyzis said...

Thanks, George.